Over time some sewer lines from a house to the city hookup become blocked for a number of reasons. It’s important to know who is responsible for the repairs of what portion of the line is blocked.  In fast terms - if the blockage is in the city’s sewer main, it is the city’s responsibility, and if the blockage is between the City’s sewer main and your house/building, it is the property owner’s responsibility. To help determine whether an issue with your sewer system is with the city main or your house/building sewer line, consider the following questions:

Question 1
Is the drain problem limited to 1 sink, bathtub or other single fixture?

If the answer is YES -the blockage is in your house/building making you responsible for the correction of the problem.

If the answer is NO - go to the next question. If all of your drains are having issues working properly then the problem still needs more information to determine who is responsible for the repair.

Question 2

Do you have to be using the water for the drains to not be working correctly?

If the answer is YES - if back up occurs only when you are using water in your house, the problem is most likely in your house/building service pipes and you are responsible.

If the answer is NO - if you are seeing sewage/dirty water backing up into your house, even when you are not using any water, the problem is most likely in the sewer main and the city would be responsible for repairs.

In either case, do not hesitate to call the Waste Water Treatment Plant and we will check the main lines and let you know where the problem is. There is no charge for this service.

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