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Online Search for Assessing, Tax & Utility Billing

View public records, such as:

  • Assessor information such as:
    • Principal Residence Exemption
    • A Property’s Assessed/Taxable Value
  • Delinquent Personal Property Tax Information
  • Miscellaneous Receivable
  • Special Assessment
  • Treasurer’s Property Taxes
  • Utility Bills

No username or password is required and this service is free of charge.

Tips for Online Searching

  • By Address, use digits only. This will list all the addresses in the City with the address numbers you provided.
  • By Name, use last name only. This will list all the properties under that last name.

Additional Information

If you have any suggestions, comments, or requests, please contact our office at 734-675-6810.


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    Mailing Address
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    Fax: 734-675-5262

  2. Michael McCullough

    City Treasurer

  3. Amanda Tackett

    Deputy Treasurer

  4. Jill Cooper


  5. Joy Pasquini

    Accounts Payable

  6. Amanda Tackett

    Water Billing Coordinator