Recreational Vehicle Ordinance

Sec. 110-639. - Parking and storage of recreational vehicles in residential districts.

  1. Restrictions. The off-street parking or storage of any recreational vehicle, including, but not limited to, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, truck camper bodies, travel trailers, off-road or other altered vehicles, motor homes, and utility trailers (as well as their trailers for carrying or storage) shall not be permitted in residential districts, except under the following conditions:
    1. Parking. A recreational vehicle may be parked on a public street or in any driveway on a residential lot with the permission of the owner of such lot for the purpose of loading or unloading the vehicle or for general maintenance of the vehicle not to exceed 72 hours. Parking of the vehicle for other purposes shall be considered storage under this section and shall be subject to the limitations provided in this section.
    2. Storage. Recreational vehicles may be stored on a residential lot, provided:
      1. Each vehicle shall be stored fully within the rear yard, or within an interior side yard.

      2. When stored within a rear yard, the vehicle shall meet the setback requirements of an accessory building as set forth in section 110-630 accessory uses, and the vehicle may be stored within any portion of a dedicated easement provided the vehicle shall be maintained so that it can be readily move in case of an emergency.

      3. When stored in an interior side yard, the vehicle shall not project beyond the front wall of the house, or extend above a height of six feet, measured from the surface of the driveway to the highest point of the vehicle, including the trailer, but excluding vehicle masts, antennas and open windshields extending upwards from the main deck; Except a vehicle may exceed this maximum height limitation provided the vehicle shall be stored no closer to the nearest wall of the principal building on the adjoining lot than a distance which shall be the remaining height of the vehicle above six feet, plus four feet in the R-3 districts, or plus five feet in the R-1 and R-2 districts.

      4. The storage of such vehicles as indicated in this section shall not occupy more than 25 percent of a required rear yard, or 40 percent of any nonrequired rear yard, or exceed the ground floor area of the main building.

      5. When a storage area is located on a corner lot, the side lot line of which is substantially a continuation of the front lot line of the lot to its rear, the storage area shall not project beyond the front yard setback required on the lot to the rear of such corner lot. In no instance shall a storage area be located nearer than ten feet to a street right-of-way line.

      6. Vehicles shall not be used to store flammable or explosive fuels or materials that are contrary to federal, state or local regulations.

      7. Vehicles shall be fully operable and kept in good repair, and shall display the current license plate and/or registration as may be appropriate under state law for the particular type of vehicle. For the purpose of this subsection, the term "current" shall mean having an expiration date not more than six months old in the case of a semiannual or seasonal license.

      8. At no time shall a recreational vehicle be used for living or housing keeping purposes, nor shall it be connected to water, gas, electrical or sanitary sewer facilities, except for the purpose of heating, cooling or battery charging preparatory to departure, or for general vehicle maintenance purposes.

    3. Requests for exceptions or special approvals; variances. Not withstanding the provisions of Article XXXI, Zoning Board of Appeals and Adjustments, in this chapter, no requests for exceptions or special approval shall be heard or granted by the zoning board of appeals and adjustments regarding the enforcement of the provisions of this section. However, nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit or prevent persons from bringing administrative or variance appeals to the zoning board of appeals and adjustments in accordance with the applicable sections of Article XXX in this chapter. 
    4. Violations. Violations of the provisions of this section are a municipal civil infraction for which the fine shall be $50.00.

(Ord. No. 705, § 1(2918), 2-20-2007)