Fire Department Services

The City of Trenton is privileged to have highly-skilled, trained, and certified firefighters ensuring the safety of our residents when the need arises. Our firefighters are true civil servants, they know how important what they do is and how vital being sharp, alert and skilled during a fire emergency is to the community. Just like our paramedics, the Trenton firefighters fully understand the responsibility they have to the lives that are entrusted to them and are passionate and honored to serve the City of Trenton.

The Trenton Fire Department unit provides two fire engines, and one ladder truck 24 hours a day 7 days a week to the community. Their mission is to ensure the safety of our residents and to minimize any possible loss of life or property during an emergency situation.

The City of Trenton has a combined Fire and EMS department to better meet the needs of the city. As one department they provide a more streamlined, cost-efficient service. All members of the Fire Department are cross-trained and licensed paramedics making them capable of working on an ambulance or fire apparatus when called to do so. Having this ability ensures that all first responders to an emergency situation have the same capabilities, procedural understanding, and internal working relationships that provide a higher level of service than fire and emergency units that are overseen as two separate units.

Fire and EMS combined respond to more than 2600 calls a year, of which 85-90% are EMS related calls.