Commissions & Boards

The City of Trenton has several boards and commissions, each relative to a specific need of the city.  Residents are encouraged to volunteer to participate by applying for a vacancy on the board that they feel they are best suited to be a member of. Interested residents should fill out the online application and submit it to the Mayor’s Office for consideration.

City of Trenton residents who are interested in serving on any of the various City Boards and Commissions may apply through the Mayor’s Office or the Commission’s Office. The first requirement is to be a resident of Trenton for at least two years. However, if you have not lived in the city for this length of time and are interested in serving, proceed to fill out the form and consideration for appointment will be given at the proper time. If more than one Board or Commission interests you, please feel free to designate as many as you wish.

Please review the list below for potential vacancies, if you find one you are interested in please submit the online application for consideration.