About Us

The Trenton Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was created by City Council in 1996 to serve as a mechanism for the revitalization of the city's treasured downtown area.

Public Act 197 of 1975

The enabling legislation for such authorities is Public Act 197 of 1975, which allows the creation of DDAs to correct and prevent deterioration... promote economic growth and revitalization (and to) encourage historic preservation.

The Act is intended to provide communities with the necessary legal, monetary and organizational tools to revitalize downtown districts either through public-initiated projects or in concert with privately motivated development projects. Essentially, the Act allows a qualifying district to capture new tax revenues generated in the district for the purpose of reinvesting that money into new improvements in that district. The intent is to spur additional private investment and other economic development. This approach is called Tax Increment Financing.

Current Authority

The current Authority is compromised of 11 members who were appointed by the Mayor and Council. Additional information can be obtained through the Mayor's Office at City Hall.